Educational Programs and Clinics

Jay C. Easton has extensive teaching experience and has given over one hundred educational outreach performances and clinics for students at the elementary, high school, and college levels. His performances feature explanations and demonstrations of the woodwind family of instruments, including historical information on their development. Musical selections are played that will familiarize students with the sound, style, and characteristics of each instrument, and a question-and-answer period is offered to allow students to participate in the experience. Presentations can be tailored from 20 to 70 minutes, and clinics are available. Many programs are available:

The Saxophone Family

From the tiny piccolo saxophone to the massive contrabass, the saxophone family covers a huge range of sounds and musical styles.
Jay C. Easton leads the audience on a fascinating journey from the origins of the saxophone family to the present cornucopia of styles and possibilities of this marvelous instrument. Dr. Easton is the only musician in the United States to actively perform on all ten sizes of saxophone- he'll present your students with an unforgettable musical experience.

The Clarinet Family

Over the last two centuries, the clarinet has developed from an obscure single-reed instrument into one of the most flexible instrumental families in history. The clarinet comes in many sizes, and is used in a huge variety of musical styles. This program explores classical, jazz, and folk styles on six sizes of modern clarinet, and includes demonstrations of historical and ethnic clarinets.

The Woodwinds

A presentation of the modern woodwind family: oboe, bassoon, flutes, clarinets, and saxophones. A perfect introduction for musical novices of any age, this program includes demonstrations of basic and advanced playing techniques, historical background, and a presentation of ethnic woodwinds from around the world.


Past clinics and masterclasses have included:

Unusual and Historical Saxophones
Saxophone Solo and Ensemble Repertoire Workshop
Saxophone Tone/Intonation Development Workshop
Saxophone Section Balance, Intonation, and Style
Clarinet Section Balance, Intonation, and Style
Reed Adjustment for Saxophone and Clarinet
Saxophone Quartet Workshop
Recorder and Crumhorn Workshop
Early Woodwinds Demonstrations


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