List of Recommended
Saxophone Compact Disc Recordingss

Recommended CDs of Saxophone Music:

Recommended CDs of standard repertoire:

Everything by Sigurd Raschèr, Marcel Mule,
John-Edward Kelly, and James Houlik (tenor)
Unfortunately, many of their recordings are out of print.
If you can find them, they are worth the search!

Other good saxophone soloist cds of standard repertoire:
Jamal Rossi- Caprice- Open Loop (
Dale Underwood- Soliloquy- Open Loop (
Otis Murphy- Memories of Dinant- Riax Records
Marcel Mule- La Legende- Arizona University Recordings
Sohre Rahbari- Music for Saxophone and Orchestra- Naxos
Greg Banaszak- Saxophone Concertos- Centaur Records
John Harle- Saxophone Concertos- EMI
Le Saxophone Français- (2 CDs- Out of Print in USA, but has Londeix, Defayette, and Mule)- EMI
Steven Mauk- Tenor Excursions- Open Loop (
Lynn Klock- Chant Course- Open Loop (
Lynn Klock- Vintage Flora- Open Loop (
Lawrence Gwozdz- Simply Gifts- Albany Records
Anything by Claude Delangle

Recommended Saxophone Quartet/Ensemble CDs:

Raschèr Saxophone Quartet- any
Amherst Saxophone Quartet- any
Habanera Saxophone Quartet- any
New Century Saxophone Quartet- Drastic Measures
New Century Saxophone Quartet- Main Street USA
Empire Saxophone Quartet- Escape to the Center
Adelphi Saxophone Quartet- Simply Four Saxophones
PRISM Saxophone Quartet- PRISM Saxophone Quartet
Apollo Saxophone Quartet- First & Foremost
The South German Saxophone Orchestra- any
The Raschèr Saxophone Ensemble- any
The Saxophone Sinfonia- any
And for fun, try both Gone Fission and Thar They Blow
by the Nuclear Whales Saxophone Orchestra


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