Clarinet Family Gallery and Sound Clips

Here are some glimpses into the scope and variety of the clarinet family.
The clarinet is one of the most flexible instruments in the world- it has a three-and-a-half octave range, an incredible dynamic spectrum, and it can be played in almost any style of music.


Evolution of the modern clarinet


What's the difference between a Bb clarinet and a C clarinet?
What's the difference between a Boehm clarinet and an Albert clarinet?
Here are some side by side photos...


What's the difference between a clarinet, an oboe, and a soprano saxophone? (whoever sends me the best punchline wins a prize...)


alto, bass and contrabass clarinets...
(with sound clips)


...and "paperclip" contrabass clarinets too...
(with sound clip)



The complete clarinet family portrait



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