Eb baritone and Bb bass saxes- wonderfully flexible instruments with magnificent sound. The baritone is the 'cello of the wind world, and is the foundation of the saxophone quartet and jazz sax section. In skilled hands, it truly combines the best qualities of bassoon, tuba, 'cello, and the human voice. It is Jay's favorite instrument, and he is always looking for opportunities to expand its repertoire with quality new pieces.

sound samples:

mp3 demo Baritone sax (Bach) 2.5MB
mp3 mysterious Baritone sax (Lauba) 1.1MB
mp3 Raucous Baritone sax (Demillac) 1.6MB
mp3 Cello-like baritone sax (w/tenor) 2.2MB

The bass sax has been criminally underused instrument, and for many years it was considered to be obsolete. However a new generation of composers and performers have discovered its unique personality, breathtaking presence of sound, and warm richness of tone. It is experience a great resurgence of popularity, and in addition to the many older horns being called back into service, is now once again being manufactured and sold by four different companies.

sound sample:

mp3 demo Bass sax (Bach) 3.6MB

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